Struct ucp_context_attrΒΆ

struct ucp_context_attr

Context attributes.

The structure defines the attributes that characterize the particular context.

Public Members

uint64_t field_mask

Mask of valid fields in this structure, using bits from ucp_context_attr_field. Fields not specified in this mask will be ignored. Provides ABI compatibility with respect to adding new fields.

size_t request_size

Size of UCP non-blocking request. When pre-allocated request is used (e.g. in ucp_tag_recv_nbr) it should have enough space to fit UCP request data, which is defined by this value.

ucs_thread_mode_t thread_mode

Thread safe level of the context. For supported thread levels please see ucs_thread_mode_t.

uint64_t memory_types

Mask of which memory types are supported, for supported memory types please see ucs_memory_type_t.


Tracing and analysis tools can use name to identify this UCX context.