Struct ucp_worker_attrΒΆ

struct ucp_worker_attr

UCP worker attributes.

The structure defines the attributes which characterize the particular worker.

Public Members

uint64_t field_mask

Mask of valid fields in this structure, using bits from ucp_worker_attr_field. Fields not specified in this mask will be ignored. Provides ABI compatibility with respect to adding new fields.

ucs_thread_mode_t thread_mode

Thread safe level of the worker.

uint32_t address_flags

Flags indicating requested details of the worker address. If UCP_WORKER_ATTR_FIELD_ADDRESS_FLAGS bit is set in the field_mask, this value should be set as well. Possible flags are specified in ucp_worker_address_flags_t.


This is an input attribute.

ucp_address_t *address

Worker address, which can be passed to remote instances of the UCP library in order to connect to this worker. The memory for the address handle is allocated by ucp_worker_query() routine, and must be released by using ucp_worker_release_address() routine.

size_t address_length

Size of worker address in bytes.

size_t max_am_header

Maximum allowed header size for ucp_am_send_nbx routine.


Tracing and analysis tools can identify the worker using this name.

size_t max_debug_string

Maximum debug string size that can be filled with ucp_request_query.