Struct ucp_request_attr_tΒΆ

struct ucp_request_attr_t

Attributes of a particular request.

Public Members

uint64_t field_mask

Mask of valid fields in this structure, using bits from ucp_req_attr_field. Fields not specified in this mask will be ignored. Provides ABI compatibility with respect to adding new fields.

char *debug_string

Pointer to allocated string of size debug_string_size that will be filled with debug information about transports and protocols that were selected to complete the request.

size_t debug_string_size

Size of the debug_string. String will be filled up to this size. Maximum possible size debug string can be obtained by querying the worker via ucp_worker_query.

ucs_status_t status

Status of the request. The same as ucp_request_check_status.

ucs_memory_type_t mem_type

Detected memory type of the buffer passed to the operation.